2-FLUOROKETAMIN or 2-FK is the latest legal innovation form RCDE. We are very excited to now have this product available. All feedback has been extremely positive. This product will not disappoint.


This product is intended for forensic and research applications. Not for Human consumption


49.99   29.99





wie gedacht, super plus schnelle Lieferung, kommt da noch mehr? BITTE!!!


Very very good i like this 10/10


Hey guys,
i tested it a bit ago and was satisfied as fuck :D
this shit brings you into a hole(or on the level) that you want to say "wow thats a holy fucking good k-hole" hahaha ^^
its relaxing and also strange some moments but nice shit to try and hang out,i advise everyone that ever wanted the real K or want to know what is similar to it.....well then try this :)
greets from da big T.....aka le test'er


gute Qualität schnelle lieferung


Danke ! Super Support, schnelle Lieferung und Stealth auch top! Für den Preis 1A !!!
Reine und Gute Forschungssubstanzen erhalten.
So wird gerne geforscht, bin neuer Stammkunde !


quality is very good and the price is INSANE! also a good costumer service. i am happy and will order again. ty rcde team :)

50.00   19.99