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We are Research chemicals Germany and we provide high quality research chemicals to EU based scientists, research institutes, and chemistry students. We Pride ourselves on excellent products and customer service.

If someone is not familiar with the meaning of the acronym KISS, then here is something new for you: Keep It Stupid Simple. Don’t take it personally we didn’t mean to be rude. This is just one of the reasons why this team behind this unique store joined together and agreed to dedicate their time, energy and creativity to fill out this gap in the market.

We try to keep this website and the shopping procedure part as simple as we can, so you can expect a smooth, user friendly and mystic surface here. We also do our best to offer you something extra all the time with every order so you know you can rely on this e-shop every occasion you come back.


Your satisfaction is highly important to us and for that reason you'll get here excellent service and treatment, Full guarantee on every item you'll order. We'll surprise you with New Items, Sales, Discounts and Presents all the time so keep visiting us and join our mailing list.

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